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Moyer Turnings

Doylestown, PA

Lloyd Moyer of Moyer Turnings was born and raised in Bucks County. He was introduced to wood turning by his big brother in the early 90's as a teenager and has been turning ever since. Lloyd says, "There is something so rewarding about taking something that has born witness to such history, like a tree, and be able to give it a new future. I feel like I am essentially saving the tree from rotting back into the earth and taking all that history with it."

Lloyd finds great pleasure and peace in the wood turning process. Not only does he revive a tree by giving it a new future, but he revives himself at the same time. Each piece he makes has a history and story to tell. He once has the pleasure of reviving a piece of tulip poplar origingally planted at Monticello when Thomas Jefferson lived there and was then sold to Harrison Ford!

Moyer Turnings